Frequently Asked Questions About Eyelash Extensions

Gone are the days when eyelash extensions were the preserve of the celebrities and models. Today, this cosmetic treatment has become a go-to alternative to high-end mascaras commonly used to make your natural lashes look longer and fuller.

If you are planning to get lash extensions but feeling confused, the information below will give you insights into important things (if not everything) you want to and need to know about the treatment. 

Is it safe to get eyelash extensions?

As long as you are using services of a reputed and experienced professional or salon, there is not much to worry about. However, there are rare incidents where the glue used to stick the artificial lashes creates an allergic reaction causing redness, irritation or itching. To avoid this, it is important to be aware of the allergies you have and share it with your beautician before the service begins.

How long do extensions last?

When done properly by an experienced professional, your lash extensions should last up to 3-4 weeks before you need a refill appointment. If you want them to last longer, it is important to care for them properly by following the advisory instructions given by your beautician. These may include:

  • Avoid rubbing or touching your eyes frequently or roughly
  • Avoid wearing mascara and potentially damaging eye makeup
  • Use only oil-free makeup and makeup remover while you have lash extensions on
  • Keep them clean and brush them a couple of times a week with a spoolie.
  • Consider getting refills every 2-4 weeks to maintain the best look.

What’s the application process like?

An eyelash extension procedure typically lasts for 90 to 120 minutes where you lash artist begins with stating all the benefits and risks of eyelash extensions and asking you about any heath conditions or allergies you may have that can make extensions unsuitable for you. 

Before actually starting the procedure, the artist will ask you whether you want natural eyelash extensions or a rather dramatic kind look. This is the time you can share your photo inspirations with the professional, if any. Based on your desired look, the length and curl strength of the extensions will be decided. Then, you are going to lie down in a comfortable position with your lower lashes adhered to the skin with surgical tape. After cleansing the required area, the artificial lashes are attached one at a time using the specially-formulated lash glue. Your eyes will remain close during the procedure. Once the lashes have completely dried, your artist will remove under-eye pads and tape and brush through the lashes with a spoolie. 

Tips to Prepare for Your Eyelash Extension Appointment

  • Take a shower prior to your appointment so that you can avoid any unnecessary contact with water or steam within the first 48 hours. This will give your eyelash extensions and natural lashes enough time to set properly.
  • Arrive with an impeccably clean eyelashes and face, meaning there should not be any make-up around the eye area, such as mascara, concealer, foundation, eye shadow or skin care products, which can get in the way of beautician’s job and make the procedure time-consuming.
  • Remove your contacts to allow your eyes to be in the most comfortable and natural state during the process.
  • Wear comfortable clothes as you are going to lay down for about on 1-2 hours during your eyelash extension service. Make sure you don’t need to constantly adjust your clothing and can make the most of your time. 
  • Bring photo inspirations of eyelash extensions that you like, if any. This will help your artist understand your expectations and the look you want to achieve so as to give you best results and experience.
  • Have an awareness of any allergies you have before making an appointment and ask your beautician what type of extensions and glue they are using in the procedure to ensure complete safety.

In addition to these valuable insights, we will suggest you take the time to do your research. Explore your options and choose a certified and reputed salon or artist to get a seamless experience and best results.



Though body hair is completely natural and normal, most of us deem it unwanted. That unwanted fuzz, wherever it may be, is often removed to reveal a smoother and flawless skin. If you are a DIY person who likes the idea of saving time and money, you can always grab a razor and remove your unwanted hair in no time. But a lot of people prefer a professional waxing service to get the job done. This is because waxing in general gives you better and long-lasting results; and when done by a trained professional at a salon, you can experience even better-looking skin and are less likely to have a bad reaction to hair removal.

However, all waxing endeavours, be it at home or salon, require some precautions and considerations to alleviate any possible inconvenience, injury or pain. Listed below are some things you can do to prepare for your waxing treatment and go through it with aplomb.

● Grow It Out

You are not spending your money to get your stubble waxed. Wax doesn’t stick well to short hair; it rather sticks to your skin when your hair is not grown enough. Generally, it’s a good idea to let your hair grow out to about a quarter of an inch before you make your next waxing appointment.

● Exfoliate

Exfoliating a few times weekly in between wax appointments helps keep your skin soft, loosen existing ingrown hair and improves your waxing results. However, we do not encourage scrubbing your skin the same day you are supposed to get your hair waxed as it could irritate your skin and make it more sensitive, which isn’t ideal for waxing. Instead, exfoliate a day or two before with a mild scrub and loofah to simply remove dead skin cells around the hair follicles.

● Don’t Moisturise

 Yes, you heard it right. Though moisturising is a healthy practice for your skin in general, it is not advisable the day you are going for waxing. Using a cream, lotion or serum right before you wax might give you an impression that it will soothe your skin and lessen the pain. But the truth is it gets in the way of wax, making the job difficult for the professional. The wax will not adhere to your hair properly when your skin is moisturised and won’t pull out all the hair completely, leaving you with patches of undone skin.

● Avoid Shaving

Resist the urge to shave between two wax sessions. This is because shaving chefs your skin, causes itching and make your hair grow sharper and coarser. Once you start waxing, the nature or behaviour of your hair begins to change and it adapts to the waxing system. The hair grows thinner after waxing. But if you use a razor on your hair even when it is used to waxing now, it will start to grow thick and dense again, and may result in ingrown hair.

To Sum Up

When you opt for a professional full body waxing service, it is easy to think everything will be taken care of by the salon. While it is true that a professional waxing service is a much better and safer alternative to at-home hair removal, a little preparation and precaution beforehand will only make your salon waxing experience more enjoyable with flawless results.


What’s the hottest summer trend? Is it a chic dress? No. A cool bag? Absolutely not! It’s something so small that will probably go unnoticed unless you get up close and personal with its owner. The accessory trend of the moment we are talking about is none other than the tooth gem – a trend adopted by many popular Hollywood stars.

Probably, that’s where you get your desire to have a bright and sparkly smile with a gem on your tooth.

This 90s trend of tooth jewelry has made a great comeback leaving people of all age groups and genders wanting to try it. As much as people are intrigued by this trend, many also have concerns and questions regarding applying tooth gem which cannot be overlooked.

That’s why, we have come up with the answers to most common questions asked by the customers about tooth gems which will give you better clarity and information about the procedure.


Add a Bling to Your Smile with These 90s Tooth Gem Trends

Thanks to celebrities and models like Kendal Jenner, Katy Perry, Drake, Ariana Grande, Hailey Bieber- the quirkiest 90s trend of sparkling tooth gem is experiencing a resurgence.

It’s the hottest accessory trend that is attached to the tooth to make them a little or a lot extra, and serve as an enhancing element for your smile. The trend has recently come out as a big hit amongst social media leaving everyone just intrigued to add a bling to their smile.

So, for those who are interested in knowing a little more about shimmery tooth gems, keep on reading this blog for a better understanding.

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Highlighting Glam Careers: Transform Your Life by Transforming Others with Makeup Courses

The makeup industry is growing progressively and has created a massive demand for professional makeup artists in the industry. With the ever-expanding makeup industry, the scope of this field has tremendously increased to a large extent. One can find lots of opportunities to earn, to grow and to create their own identity as a makeup artist.

The best part is, various professional beauty salons in Tukwila are offering makeup courses to help you to kick-start your career by providing necessary theoretical knowledge with hands-on practical experience.  

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Get the Best Dramatic Eyebrow with Top Expert Tips

Believe it or not, stunning eyebrows are not just a matter of the genetic lottery as many women think. A pair of glamorous brows is completely achievable with a few minutes of routine grooming.

In an attempt to level up their brow game, many women indulge in a strict eyebrow maintenance regimen and even spend hours in researching different tactics to achieve those perfectly done arches.

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With the fashion industry undergoing drastic changes, eyebrows have become one of the biggest beauty obsessions of the decade. Well-groomed eyebrows are a much-coveted beauty standard amongst women and get no less attention than other beauty counterparts – nails, eyes, hair and lips.  

However, as much as women want their eyebrows on fleek, not many know how to properly care for and groom them. So, whether you are starting out with eyebrow care, wish to grow back your brows or have no idea how to maintain your growing eyebrows, these guidelines will help you provide the kind of TLC your brows need.


While applying moisturizing lotion or cream on your face, do not leave the brows and the skin underneath. Proper moisturizing will allow hydration to seal in that area and thus promote healthy growth of eyebrows. For this, you can use facial moisturizer or natural oils specifically formulated for brows. 



Bored of looking the same old you in the mirror? Feeling like your look has become quite predictable to everyone and lacks interest?

We have pulled together a few beauty treatments to freshen up your style and give yourself the wow factor you have been lacking for quite a while now.

Go beyond your natural hair color

Gone are the times when coloring was considered just to cover the greys. A hair color update is a must for any makeover today. The best part is, especially for those who are concerned about experimenting too much with their hair, you don’t even need a complete color overhaul to achieve an electrifying look.

You can choose subtle highlights that come without much commitment or go complete blonde or brunette to redefine your look. There are countless techniques and choices out there to compliment your face and personality without having to go too crazy.

Get them eyebrows on fleek

No woman would be unaware of what great of an impact a pair of perfectly shaped eyebrows can make on your face. Shaping your eyebrows is an effective yet cheap beauty investment for a quick makeover.