Get the Best Dramatic Eyebrow with Top Expert Tips

Believe it or not, stunning eyebrows are not just a matter of the genetic lottery as many women think. A pair of glamorous brows is completely achievable with a few minutes of routine grooming.

In an attempt to level up their brow game, many women indulge in a strict eyebrow maintenance regimen and even spend hours in researching different tactics to achieve those perfectly done arches.

However, with so many options available to try and with a range of eyebrow makeup tricks out there for thick, thin, arched or straight eyebrows, how can you possibly identify what to do with your eyebrow?

In the age of Instagram where we’re bombarded with posts featuring perfectly shaped eyebrows that make us wonder our own look as sparse and undefined, we bring you a few tips to achieve perfectly glam eyebrows yourself.

Don’t Overpluck

If you are aiming for perfect brows but just can’t pull it off, you need to put down those tweezers right away! The days of pencil thin eyebrows are long gone, but sadly some are still struggling with the aftermath. Years of overplucking leads many women to thinning their eyebrows.
With the desire to get that perfect arch, many people indulge in excessive plucking to make their brows look perfectly symmetrical. However, you should never be striving for perfect symmetry when it comes to eyebrows. Instead, brows should be thought of as sisters not twins.

Bonus Tip: For gorgeous looking brows, make sure that the head (from where your eyebrows begin) of your eyebrows lines up with your nostrils.

Choose the Brow Products Wisely

For people with a fairer skin complexion, eyebrow gels work wonders to enhance the look of the natural eyebrows. However, if you are already blessed with thicker, fuller brows, and struggling hard to maintain the look, pomades and powder can help define your brows.

Go for the Hottest Eyebrow Treatment- Microblading

If you want your brows to look your best always, microblading permanent makeup is the solution for you. By tweaking just one basic feature – eyebrows, Microblading adds oodles of appeal to your whole face.

During microblading procedure, the professionals use disposable micro blades to implant the color into the dermal layer of the skin to mimic natural hair strokes. As a result, you will see neater, more defined and symmetric brows. Unlike threading or tinting, it lasts for a year!

The Bottom Line

If you have never done any eye-makeup, you wouldn’t even know what important role eyebrows play in enhancing the appeal of your face. They shape your whole face, give character and prominence to your features and even the slightest of change in them gives variation to your whole appearance.

All in all, if you wish to save yourself from tormenting your eyebrows every month, we recommend you get a microblading makeup treatment to shape your eyebrows and unlock a stunning appearance.