With the fashion industry undergoing drastic changes, eyebrows have become one of the biggest beauty obsessions of the decade. Well-groomed eyebrows are a much-coveted beauty standard amongst women and get no less attention than other beauty counterparts – nails, eyes, hair and lips.  

However, as much as women want their eyebrows on fleek, not many know how to properly care for and groom them. So, whether you are starting out with eyebrow care, wish to grow back your brows or have no idea how to maintain your growing eyebrows, these guidelines will help you provide the kind of TLC your brows need.


While applying moisturizing lotion or cream on your face, do not leave the brows and the skin underneath. Proper moisturizing will allow hydration to seal in that area and thus promote healthy growth of eyebrows. For this, you can use facial moisturizer or natural oils specifically formulated for brows. 

Stay close to your natural shape

You don’t want to go way too far with those idealized celebrity eyebrows you see on TV ads and magazines and achieve a shape that doesn’t even suit your face. Too thin or too bold brows can affect how small, thin or large your face looks. So, it is suggested to keep your facial shape and natural eyebrow shape in mind while getting your eyebrows done.

Heed the spacing between your brows:

As the general rule of thumb, to figure out the space to leave between your brows, hold an eyebrow pencil parallel to the inner side of your eyes, that’s where your brow should begin.

Also, if you have close-set eyes, you don’t want your eyebrows too short from the tail. On the other hand, those with wide-set eyes should make sure to leave more hair around the inner sides of the brows. 

Visit a reputed beauty salon

Being a novice, it will not only be difficult but risky to do your eyebrows yourself. Not having proper grooming knowledge and practice will get in your way of achieving the perfect shape and will only add to your woes. Visit a salon that specializes in eyebrow threading, tinting, eyebrow waxing, shaping and get a professional to work on your brows. The professional can also advice you on how you can better maintain your eyebrows and make them look on point. 


Having a few tools handy will help you to maintain your brows while they are growing but haven’t grown enough to get done. 

A good tweezer is a must. Slanted tweezers are recommended to novices as they provide better control. Once you are experienced, you can switch to pointed tweezers which demand more skills but offer much precision. Some other tools you will need to pluck eyebrows properly include:

Spoodie Brush – It looks like a mascara wand and helps to put your eyebrow hair into place. Look for an eyebrow brush with an angled brush end which helps to apply and smudge cream or powder on the brows.

Scissors: It helps to trim hair strands that grow too long, peeking out of the set brow path. 

Brow pencil – This pencil is used to cover patchy growth or even out sparse brows and color white eyebrow hairs.

To sum up

A pair of properly-taken-care-of eyebrows can not only add shape, definition and character to one’s face but also enhance overall look. So, it is advised to make time each week to groom your eyebrows with these basic tips and, of course visit a salon once in a while, to keep them looking their best.