Though body hair is completely natural and normal, most of us deem it unwanted. That unwanted fuzz, wherever it may be, is often removed to reveal a smoother and flawless skin. If you are a DIY person who likes the idea of saving time and money, you can always grab a razor and remove your unwanted hair in no time. But a lot of people prefer a professional waxing service to get the job done. This is because waxing in general gives you better and long-lasting results; and when done by a trained professional at a salon, you can experience even better-looking skin and are less likely to have a bad reaction to hair removal.

However, all waxing endeavours, be it at home or salon, require some precautions and considerations to alleviate any possible inconvenience, injury or pain. Listed below are some things you can do to prepare for your waxing treatment and go through it with aplomb.

● Grow It Out

You are not spending your money to get your stubble waxed. Wax doesn’t stick well to short hair; it rather sticks to your skin when your hair is not grown enough. Generally, it’s a good idea to let your hair grow out to about a quarter of an inch before you make your next waxing appointment.

● Exfoliate

Exfoliating a few times weekly in between wax appointments helps keep your skin soft, loosen existing ingrown hair and improves your waxing results. However, we do not encourage scrubbing your skin the same day you are supposed to get your hair waxed as it could irritate your skin and make it more sensitive, which isn’t ideal for waxing. Instead, exfoliate a day or two before with a mild scrub and loofah to simply remove dead skin cells around the hair follicles.

● Don’t Moisturise

 Yes, you heard it right. Though moisturising is a healthy practice for your skin in general, it is not advisable the day you are going for waxing. Using a cream, lotion or serum right before you wax might give you an impression that it will soothe your skin and lessen the pain. But the truth is it gets in the way of wax, making the job difficult for the professional. The wax will not adhere to your hair properly when your skin is moisturised and won’t pull out all the hair completely, leaving you with patches of undone skin.

● Avoid Shaving

Resist the urge to shave between two wax sessions. This is because shaving chefs your skin, causes itching and make your hair grow sharper and coarser. Once you start waxing, the nature or behaviour of your hair begins to change and it adapts to the waxing system. The hair grows thinner after waxing. But if you use a razor on your hair even when it is used to waxing now, it will start to grow thick and dense again, and may result in ingrown hair.

To Sum Up

When you opt for a professional full body waxing service, it is easy to think everything will be taken care of by the salon. While it is true that a professional waxing service is a much better and safer alternative to at-home hair removal, a little preparation and precaution beforehand will only make your salon waxing experience more enjoyable with flawless results.